Monday Coffee

Hello!  It’s great to be back here with you after a busy two weeks.  I’ve filled my favourite mug and brought some nibbles, so come and sit by me and let’s catch up.

Phew!  Grab a cushion and curl your feet up.  It’s pretty cold outside and though the spring is fighting to settle, winter has her cold grasp on our nether regions and refuses to let go!  Never mind, we’re warm and dry.  How has your two weeks been?  Have you achieved anything great in the time I’ve been away?  I’m sorry if I have not had a chance to visit your page – I will get round to saying hi soon, once I have finished off a bit more work.

My days have disappeared under a myriad of jobs.  Would you believe, I haven’t even started packing?  I don’t know if I am in denial or saving my energy for the final days in our home.  As the time slowly approaches for us to say good-bye, I’m stocking up my memories and preparing the children.  How do you tell a child that the only home they have ever known will be sold to someone else so that we can replace it with a temporary home whilst we follow a bigger dream?

I have to admit, as sad as it is, the bubbles of excitement keep growing.  Not knowing what tomorrow will bring; the thought of us starting again, makes everything a bit easier to deal with and anticipation definitely helps.  What about you?  Are you trying something new this year?

On another note, I would like to send out a huge thank you to all my new followers and subscribers to my Hot Shot Updates Newsletter.  My poor blog is suffering from time constraints, and I do hope the little content I continue to pour in is worth your time.  Plus, there are always fresh cups of beverages and snacks, so please feel free to return and roam around.

Changing subjects again, have you been watching the news lately?  Apart from the atrocities happening across Europe with the refugees seeking a safe place, America is plotting its fate with the looming elections in November. I can’t say I feel strongly about any of the candidates as they all seem to have an agenda.  On this side of the pond, England apparently could do better in Mathematics compared to other countries and in Africa, the Rhino and Elephant are getting closer to extinction than before.  Spot anything positive?  Nor did I!

Well, I found a few interesting snippets of positive news to sweeten our pallets while we slice our chocolate cake.  For example, they have sent another rocket up to Mars and will be releasing a satellite to orbit the planet to record the planet’s terrain.  They hope to find out how the methane they have detected is created.  Britain will be sending their own little robot in a few years that will collect data on the planet’s ecology a couple of metres under the surface.  Apparently, solar radiation does not reach further than about 2.5 metres.   There has been another invention of a coat for homeless people that turns into a tent/shelter and a Turkish town has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their charitable work in helping the Syrian refugees that have settled in their town.

Life always offers different aspects to how you see the world.  If you haven’t choked on your coffee or thrown a biscuit at me for being corny, share some good news with me.  It’s always welcome.

In the meantime, I’m going to pop the kettle back on and fetch more chocolate cake!


6 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Good luck with the packing when it comes, Eloise. We’re finally moving into our new home on Swansea Bay on April 25th. Can’t wait to get everything out of storage.

    Thanks for the coffee and nibbles.

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  3. A new beginning is always exciting. I have made massive changes a few times in my life and have no regrets….in fact I am so grateful that I had the courage to carry them through. Good luck with the packing and enjoy a new adventure.
    I continue to be very busy…workshops in London, next month Portugal and then Wales and France in May and so it goes….in between I paint which keep my sanity….and oversee the care of my 95 year old Mother..such is life.

    Of course there is much good going on in the world, but I have to say that I despair at all the madness…..and frankly I can’t see a way out of much of it, unless some catastrophic natural or medical event happens that puts a stop to it all….

    On that note, please cut me another slice of that delicious cake….and enjoy a lovely weekend…janet:)x

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