How WordPress Helped Me Conquer Having Dyslexia

An inspirational story for all of you who keep your monsters locked away, maybe out of fear of ridicule or fear of failing. Read on to find out about Hugh’s fear.

Hugh's Views & News  

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Hugh, who hid a secret. In fact, it was not only a secret but a monster that had haunted him since his childhood days. He had locked the monster away since the first day he realised it was following him. The monster was called Dyslexia, but in February 2014, Hugh turned the tables on Dyslexia.

He had never admitted to having Dyslexia and his school told him there was no such monster and that it was all make-believe. So, Dyslexia became part of his life and he decided to lock it away and throw away the key.

Over time, some would have their suspicions that he was hiding something, but no one would say what they thought the secret was. However, one day he met his lifetime partner, John, who confronted him one day and uttered the monster’s name.

“There’s no such monster”…

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  2. Thanks very much for sharing my story, Eloise.
    Have a great weekend.

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