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Hi and welcome back to Book Tuesday.  I hope enjoyed my guest blogger last week, Lance Greenfield, who gave us a glimpse into his favourite childhood book.

hughThis week, we will be covering a genre I absolutely adore and I will be focusing on short stories by a fellow blogger. Many of you will recognise this blogger from his contributions to various blogs, his weekly photo challenge and of course, wonderful short stories that keep us entertained. I am talking about Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News and the genre is horror.

I can’t remember how I met Hugh, but I have been fascinated by his style of writing ever since our first encounter. From straight up comedy to the most grotesque horror, Hugh keeps you on your toes with his beautiful descriptions and fantastic twists woven into his fantastic tales. Whether he tells the story of marriage, or weaves his way through Christmas, Hugh has a way of bringing characters to life. He can even make your lipstick scary!

Hitruth apps largest story posted on WordPress has been The Truth App, a story that makes you think twice about using Ipads!
For those of you who prefer a murder mystery, he has written a four part series called Murder At the Vicarage, a wonderful whodunnit to sink your teeth into.

Please click on the highlighted titles to read the stories – they are definitely worth it.

For this week’s Book Tuesday, I would like to highlight one of Hugh’s earlier works, written in January 2015.  He entered a writing competition for NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge and had less than eight days to submit a short story of less than 2500 words.  

Needles came to life!

“Brief Synopsis: Deborah Gore treated herself to a trip to Delhi, India, for her fiftieth birthday saving herself thousands of pounds in dental and optical treatment by choosing to have surgery performed by Doctor Sinhah.

Four weeks later, back home in the UK and with her confidence at an all time high, she is woken up in the middle of the night by hunger pains which are giving her a craving to eat whatever she can lay her hands on.”

As an animal lover, this story scared the fleas off me!  The straight forward tale of an older woman on holiday seduces you into thinking that this might just be an ordinary tale. As it moves along, something does not feel right. By the time you reach the gore, it’s impossible to stop reading, hoping that the story will pan out and everyone will live happily ever after.  Ha! Ha! Well, you will have to find out if it does! I love the epilogue – the story begins again, sending you down a similar story line, leaving you wanting more.

Please click on Needles to find out what I am talking about and take a gander through Hugh’s wonderful collection of short stories.  Not all are gory.  Not all are horror. Some have such a gentle, humorous reflection on life and though today’s focus is horror, I would be remiss if I did not to mention that there is more to look forward to in Hugh’s collection of Short Stories.

I look forward to reading more of this wonderful blogger’s work and the promise of a book in the near future.  I hope you enjoyed taking the journey with me.

Have a great evening.


16 responses to “Book Tuesday

  1. What a fantastic surprise to find your latest Book Tuesday post is all about me, Eloise. I am so honoured to be featured especially as I’ve yet to publish a book. I was almost going to republish ‘Needles’ on my blog and may well do so. I can’t thank you enough for featuring me and some of the short stories I have written. It was a wonderful surprise and I am so very thankful to you.
    With my best wishes,

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  2. Reblogged this on Hugh's Views & News and commented:
    You’ll never guess who is being featured on ‘Book Tuesday’ over on the blog of author Eloise De Sousa today!
    This came as a complete surprise to me.
    Thank you so very much, Eloise.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this about Hugh. I will check out some of his work.

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  4. Love Hugh’s short stories too. I think he should put them together in a collection and publish. Best wishes, Hugh! Thank you for sharing Hugh’s writing talents, Eloise. 😊

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  5. Hugh has a knack for short stories and creates great twists. It’s impossible not to keep thinking about them. Thanks, Eloise

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  6. I agree with Janice…a big fan of your short stories Hugh and congrats on the guest post 🙂

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