Monday Coffee

Hi and welcome to Monday Coffee.  It’s a rather brisk night and my fingers are already losing feeling at the tips.  Warm welcoming light is emanating from the frosted glass door.  I never tire of hearing the bell tinkle as another person enters the coffee house, adding to the happy, bubbling chatter within.


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Today is a special day.  It is One People Day – a day for promoting positivity, uniqueness, love and friendship across the world. Lovely messages have been sent from Facebookers and bloggers sharing anecdotes, quotes and their own poems, songs, stories and messages of love. There’s a moment when we shy away from events like this, maybe calling them silly, unnecessary or useless.

Well, whilst we sip our tea, let’s sit and discuss it a little.

 How often do we read celebrity gossip, albeit inadvertently or on purpose? How much media focus is given to positive news about average people? Now I know it’s easy to succumb to the nectar drip-feed focussing on other people’s woes, but why do we have to accept this as the norm?


Wouldn’t it be nice just to be nice, maybe say something complimentary instead of tearing down individuals we have raised on stodgy pedestals? I’ll be careful not to fall off my own soap box and spill my tea!

Yesterday I wrote a piece about Facing Mortality.  Today as we slump in our comfy chairs and watch everyone sharing messages of positivity, we have options: either become a part of something wonderful that motivates inspirational stories rather than the rancid attempts to destroy each other with negative messages of hatred, ignore the annoying happy-go-lucky people force-feeding said proclamations of kindness, lovey dovey stuff and so on or, fight it and shave our heads in disdain whenever someone brings this subject up.  The choice is yours of course.  I’ll still be happy to share a cuppa with you, whatever you decide.

Apart from sharing a special day celebrating humanity with loving strangers over the internet and in person, I hope to push more editing time on my book this week.  I’m working on setting firmer deadlines for my books this year.  There is nothing like a deadline to make me work harder and faster (probably at the last minute)!  Procrastination is definitely my buddy.  What are your plans for this week?  Anything interesting popping up?

Before we head on home, shall we have a last dance and pay tribute to a weird but wonderful singer?  Let’s dance.

7 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. A new book! Woo hoo! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Thanks for the coffee, Eloise. Thank you so much for sharing my posts on FaceBook over the last week. I’m so pleased to hear about the new book. Keep writing… 🙂

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