Lance’s Coach Tour #7

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It seems to have been a very long time since our last tour, when we visited Queen Boudica as she prepared to go into battle, but it is really only a single click on the control for my newly installed chrono-coils. The tip that Eloise gave the Iceni Queen that day, certainly cut the invading Romans down to size the next day!

bus Welcome aboard the birthday bus!

Today is my sixtieth birthday, so I am pleased to see so many of my old friends coming along to join me on our seventh time-traveling coach tour. And it’s great that some of you took the trouble to bring along a few of your own friends to share the experience.

Welcome aboard, one and all, friends old and new. We are going to have a palatially magnificent time together today.

I was tempted to drop in to re-visit Ludvig van Beethoven as…

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2 responses to “Lance’s Coach Tour #7

  1. Thanks for re-blogging, Mello-Elo.

    I hope that this will encourage even more people will join us for the next trip. Where and when shall we go?

    PS I still haven’t quite got over the viciousness of that advice that you gave to Queen Bouidica on Coach Tour #6. And the Roman Empire never fully recovered!

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