Monday Coffee

Hi!  Come on in!  Thanks for coming over to my place today.  I’ve got coffee, Darjeeling tea or PG Tips.  What’s your poison?

We are at my place today because I wanted to share my Christmas decorations with you.  I’m quite excited. Hugh is running a special feature on what tops your tree, to raise money for the Dog’s Trust.  I can’t pass up the opportunity to help out our four legged friends.  Please, take a hop and a click to Hugh’s to see his lovely tree topper.

The kettle’s boiled.  Let’s top up our mugs and move to the sitting room.  

 This is our special tree for this year.  Standing atop its leafy green limbs is a golden star.  It has taken us years to find the perfect topper and we are quite content with this simple but sparkly star.  The tinsel gets a bit higgledy piggeldy towards the bottom because darling Henry finds it amusing to amble under the lower branches and nibble at the twigs!  His waggle tail can take out half a coffee table’s onboard contents so do watch your cup. 

 Everyone in my family has a special ornament to hang on the tree.  This is mine, a little snowman sitting on a red sleigh.  My favourite ornaments are the lovely big red baubles.  They have velvety embossed patterns that give a sumptuous feel to the tree.

  The nativity set was assembled by my youngest daughter this year.  I hope she knows where baby Jesus is because last year it turned into an Elf on the Shelf scenario with the kids hunting for him amongst the decorations!  Not quite the religious feel we were going for.  I did tell them that’s how the three wise men felt when they went in search of the prophecy.  I think they were more amused with my elf on the shelf analogy. 
I’m wondering what your tree looks like.  What’s your favourite part of the tree assembly – the decor or sitting and admiring the lights once it is done?

I think the kettle is still warm.  Shall we refresh our drinks and rustle around for some mince pies? I think it’s safe to say Henry is tuckered out from playing with the tree! 


5 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Hi Eloise, I think your Christmas tree is beautiful, and the star on top is perfect. Thank you so much for linking your coffee post to my charity photo challenge and for helping us get nearer to that target I have set.

    As it’s Henry’s first Christmas I wonder what he makes of it all? Will there be gifts for him under the tree and will he seek them out and open them before Christmas? Toby always knows which ones are his so we have to keep them from under the tree otherwise they are opened when nobody is looking.

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    • My pleasure Hugh! Henry loves the tree, especially the delectable display of baubles within reach. He has a Christmas stocking which we have kept aside until closer to the day. I don’t think our presents will be safe under the tree this year as he has a tendency to shred any paper he sees, including our mail! What is Toby getting for Christmas this year and what does he think of Christmas?


      • Oh, he loves Christmas. He thinks all the gifts are for him! He loves shredding paper as well. Takes him ages to unwrap some presents, but he has great fun with it. We will probably not put any gifts under the tree until the night of Christmas Eve. This year he has a sheep, reindeer, snowman, and Father Christmas. They all squeak and he loves carrying those kind of toys around. The squeaky Father Christmas we got him last year is still intact. It needs a good wash but it has had plenty of play. ğŸŽ…

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      • Wow he’s good! Henry received a pre-Christmas present and it’s already limbless!


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