Christmas Without You

I tried to forget you yesterday
Pretended the day wasn’t about you
No celebration, no memorial or tasteful display
Just a drink and a quick prayer to chase out blues

Now the clock is ticking
Santa is drawing near
We’ve put up your Christmas decoration
Since you won’t be here

No struggling, cursing, crying
To get you through the door
And the happy sense of achievement
When your wheels touch the kitchen floor

We won’t choose the meal together
Since last year’s meal was your last
No fighting over whose house to visit
Now that you’re in the past

I’m going to try not to miss you
When I don’t see you sitting there
Children reaching to open their presents
They’ve kept back, so that moment, with you, they could share

Every minute of Christmas this year
Will breathe in for a new tradition
As you, dear Mum won’t be there
Since you’ve taken a life-long intermission.


10 responses to “Christmas Without You

  1. 😦 Beautifully written, very heartfelt.

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  2. Hugs to you Eloise. I have tears, again. ❤

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  3. Beautiful, Eloise. Both of facing our first Christmas without our mums. I know they will be looking down at us and smiling and thinking how glad they are that they don’t have to queue in the shops at this time of year.
    Hugs to you.

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  4. It’s a very beautiful poem, Eloise. We’re feeling sad when we miss someone because we can’t see them, hear their voices or touch them…but it’s only until we meet again (and I believe that we will) and your lovely Mum is watching over you now. xx

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