Nure Onna: Snake Woman

Part Time Monster


The waves of the sea rise and fall, spraying jetsam over the deck of a fisherman’s boat. Clouds gather in ominous deliberation as air pressure drops and the teal hue of the waves turn deep indigo. A storm is coming.

The fisherman reels in his nets and turns to the shore, a small, rocky area he can wait out the weather. The sea growls beneath the hull. The keel grates through stones as he makes land. Wind howls all around him. He ties the boat to a wedged piece of driftwood.

The fisherman surveys the area, looking for refuge from rain that has just started. The drops fall like pellets of ice, sharp and biting. A rock outcropping appears not too far off. It’ll do.

He wrings his pants and robe of water in the mouth of the cave. He starts a fire. The rain comes down in torrents now, the…

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  1. Thank you so much, as always, for the reblog, Eloise. 🙂

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