Six Month Anniversary

  To Mum,


I still miss you so,

It may only be six months,

But I miss you more

Time has given no comfort

I may smile and play

Laugh all day

But I still miss you so.


Now that you’ve gone

All the memories

Fights we’ve lost and won

Happy games we played

The children have grown

And my heart still groans

Because I still miss you so.


Special days, like anniversaries

And your birthday, don’t forget Christmas

As I plan each day, I pause to say

How Mum would have loved

Each of these moments

And I still miss you so.


My tears still fall on the inside

There’s no time to stall in this busy hive

So I move along and hum your favourite songs

Thinking of your smile, your jokes and wicked humour

The way you riled me so easily and we’d knock heads

No-one’s there to fill me with dread and laughter

So I still miss you so.

13 responses to “Six Month Anniversary

  1. Very nice poem on a very difficult subject. Lovely picture – her wedding? I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure that at only six months it feels like yesterday.

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  2. Your mom would have loved this. Give yourself time, 6 months is nothing when it comes to losing a parent. I had a meltdown yesterday over missing my mom and she has been gone for almost 6 years. : ( I don’t think you ever get over it, but you do learn to make peace with the loss. Hang in there.

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  3. I know exactly how you feel. This is lovely poem for all mum’s that have sadly have passed away. Stay strong, Eloise. She would have wanted that. ❤

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  4. Silver Threading

    Eloise, this was so beautiful. If only I could hug you tight. 💗💗💗


  5. Here’s a big virtual hug for you xoxoxoxo

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  6. Hugs from me too.
    I concur with Trent.
    It is over 16 years since my Mum fluttered off into the sky, but I still see something, or hear something, and think, “Oh! I must tell Mum about that!” She will never leave me. Her candle will burn brightly in my heart forever.
    And I can see from your lovely poem that it is the same for you. Your bird is with you forever, Eloise.

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