Monday Coffee

  Phew! I made it!  There was so much to do today  and I’ve only just settled the sprogs in the last hour, which is really late for them.  

I see Chris is here with Todd and everyone is giving a round of applause to AMommasView for her Liebster Award Nomination. Congratulations! 

Whilst everyone is chatting, shall we order? Have you had something already?  What’s the favourite of the day?  I heard the ginger and cinnamon drink is quite nice.  I can’t say I’m brave enough to try it. Tonight calls for a lovely hazel nut hot chocolate.  Will you join me?  

How was your weekend?  Mine went really well and I did wear the dress!  If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll remind you here whilst we wait for our drinks.  As promised, here is a pic of me in the dress.  I’ve chosen one with the Hubble whilst we were dancing.

  The things I had to do to get into that dress will remain a secret! It was a lovely event and it was wonderful to catch up with family and friends after so long.

How is the hot chocolate?  While you sip yours, tell me, how was your weekend?  What did you get up to?

Oh, before I forget, I’m really excited about an event happening at my school this week. I’ve organised a visit from Rob Lewis, a fantastic children’s author. He is doing what I hope to do one day – visiting schools and sharing his work with the students. Are you brave enough to face a hall full of children waiting for you to entertain them with your stories? I think it would be a wonderful experience.

On the writing front, are you prepping for the final push before NaNoWriMo and the end of the year?  I’m so glad to see more of my blogging friends joining up.  I haven’t as yet, but I’m not too concerned as I joined in a week late last year and still managed to finish.  It’s finding the right storyline that concerns me.  

Is anyone trying to finish their novel in time for the Christmas rush?  I have given up on putting a time limit on my projects as life keeps interrupting my work.  Once things settle I am going to get stricter with my timing on other things to keep more focused on my writing. Wait…where have I heard that before?  Oh right…me – a couple of months ago!  There’s no hope!

How do you keep up with work, life, children and extra activities plus writing?  Please, tips would be welcome!

Right, it looks like more customers are coming in and I have to run home now.  Thanks for the chat and sharing a hazel nut hot chocolate with me.  Same time next week?  I’ll see you then. 😀

8 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Glad you wore the dress, but it’s hard to see you in that picture because of the size 😉 You need to let us see the photo full size…


  2. I’m glad you decided to wear the dress, Eloise. And how stunning you look in it as well. It’s you that makes the dress look beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing cake! Glad you wore dress 🙂


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