The Dress

  Now this might look as though it is targeted at the ladies, but trust me, some gentlemen know exactly what I’m talking about!

Have you ever ordered a dress for a party, imagining just how nice you’re going to look…and then it arrives and…well…you try it on.   Insert sad face emoticon when you realise that the size six model showing off the dress in the video catalogue probably has perky breasts,  has never fed a child from her body (let alone four!) and probably wouldn’t know what child birth entails! Yes, unfortunately that’s me looking in the mirror imagining I’m still twenty-something and capable of pulling off sexy.  But, persistence pays off…or does it?

When do you face your body’s limitations on fashion?

I refuse to believe I have to dress like a mature lady and still prance around in floaty dresses with leggings and boots.  Probably not the most appropriate style for school but it’s soooo comfortable, I’m not ready to let that style go.  Now, to address my tiring attempt to look sexy.  What am I going to do?  I have a very important party to attend and I want to look good not only for my family but for myself.  Is it worth pulling out the secret supports or should I just go in a normal floaty number?  I want to look good and I want to wear this beauty, but am I punching above my weight?  

What would you do?  Again I would like to point out that gents know the feeling with their favourite outfits.  Does comfort out-weigh style and looking good?  

picture courtesy of – my dress!

22 responses to “The Dress

  1. Very important party to attend? Go for it! You might not look exactly like the 19 year old model at the top of the page, but who cares, I’m sure you’ll look great! (I hate saying things like that because I feel sexist – you are so, so much more than how you look. But you did ask 😉 )

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  2. I say go for it. Enjoy the thrill of feeling great.


  3. I’d go for whatever I feel comfortable in wearing and what makes me feel good when looking at myself in the mirror. Clothes are so important in helping us in how we feel. If I’m wearing something I don’t feel comfortable in or don’t particularly like, then it changes my mood for the whole day. If I like what I am wearing and it feels great to wear then I’m happy and that is reflected in me and what I do for the whole day. That feeling is communicated to other people without us saying anything. I’ve even found I write better when wearing something I like and feel comfortable in.

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  4. I agree with Hugh. The way you feel about what you are wearing or how you look in it will reflect in you face and mood. Feel good and wear what you feel comfortable in and you will have more confidence in yourself and will be more able to strut your stuff! Lol! Best wishes and have fun!

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  5. I’m sure style and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. What we have to remember is that the 19 year old model doesn’t look like that outside the photographers studio either. The minute the taped boobs are allowed to recover the bylcreme bounce she couldn’t wear that dress, and the back is held by clothespegs to keep it taut. Leggings, long boots and a sloppy joe jumper can look fantastic.

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  6. When it’s an important event, I feel that looking good outweighs comfort. I imagine the most important person who could possibly be at the event, and I dress how I would want to be dressed if they happened to show up. Work gathering? Going out with friends for drinks? Comfort wins.

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    • It was a family event, a 60th birthday. I did wear the dress and found a solution for the problem areas. You’re right, sometimes we have to go for the ultimate instead of comfort and tonight was one of those nights. Worth it, definitely worth it. 😀

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  7. I say wear it with confidence! I’m size 6 and I can assure you my body does not look as good as the girl in the photo lol. When I was younger I sacrificed comfort for style. I like to think of myself as a style conscious woman, but I’ve found ways to find things that are comfortable and still be stylish.

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  8. Good for you! 🙂

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  9. Now I’d like to see a picture of you wearing it, Eloise. I’ve been always comfort inclined, and I remember a friend of mine telling me to be myself and go with whatever I liked, no matter what the fashion was. Good for you! I’m pleased you had fun, that’s the most important thing. 🙂

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