As He Uncovered Himself

The Better Man Project ™

Erasing. Erasing. Erasing.

The more I erase the more I find. Seems to be a little counter intuitive to what we are taught isn’t it? Most of us come from a place of how many things can we possibly learn to make ourselves better? How many skills can we tack on to improve on our lives like we are a living breathing résumé.


Lived that way. Too hard really. Not for me.

When I got sick of doing that I found something much deeper and more exciting about my life. I found out that not everything was about tacking on…but it actually turned out that it was more about erasing away all of the unnecessary stuff. The personal judgements, criticisms, the ego, and everything else in the book that turned out to be a tad bit too much. I realized that I fell into the trap of “I’m not…

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