Adventures in Japanese Snacking

Alex has brought out some incredibly interesting Japanese snacks. Now if it was #Wensfriesday, I’d say this is the perfect accompaniment to a mid-week snack break…or not! I’ll leave you to judge whether you would taste these lovely snacks!

Memoirs of a Time Here-After

We probably all have snacks that we are fond of, maybe even food combinations from our childhood that make our stomachs turn now. For me, that combo was always ketchup and mashed potatoes (a combo I ate when pretending to be sick and having to take medicine). Later, it was ridged potato chips inside a baloney sandwich (still sounds tasty now!)

However, Japan has commandeered the art of odd combos into a full-scale industry. Sweetened dry squid and pickled plums grace the shelves of every supermarket and convenience store.

And then there are those combos that are certainly only put out to see how much novelty the snack companies can get away with.

Here are five of the oddest snacks I’ve ever eaten in Japan.

Apple Pie Potato Chips

Crazy Snacks from Japan

Hailing from Tohoku, the first snack item on our list claims to be a gourmet offering: apple pie flavored potato chips…

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3 responses to “Adventures in Japanese Snacking

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Eloise! 😀 I hope you found one in there you might want to try. 😉

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