Victo Dolore gives us a tastes of her creative juices. i had to share it with you and I hope you visit her site to see her other posts. 😀

Behind the White Coat

I stare at your sleeping form on the bed, your head hidden by the linens and the multitude of fluffy hotel pillows.

You cried out my name but no one heard.

The cold window ledge brought out the goose flesh on my naked skin. I shiver involuntarily. I could go get a blanket but that would mean getting closer to you.

I would rather die.

I focus on the scene beyond the window glass. The lights of the city glow below, creating an artificial twilight reflected in my ghostly shadow. I can see for miles from the twenty-second floor.

Syncopated skyscrapers.

Cold fingers and the clinking of ice cubes against the thick glass of the tumbler as my shaking hand bring me back to this room, this ledge.

You knew that sound, didn’t you?

I take a sip of the coconut rum. The taste is watered down from the melted…

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  1. Thank you so much for the reblog! 🙂


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