Book Tuesday

Wow!  The week has flown by and it’s already Tuesday again!  Welcome to Book Tuesday where we can share our love of books.  Today, I do not have a special guest lined up, but decided to write a quick story. This story is inspired by my visit to my daughter’s Brownie unit tonight. We were busy planting bulbs in Wellington boots for the local businesses and schools when I asked a little girl to name the worm I caught for her welly.  She decided his name should be Oggy!  Well, this story is all about Oggy and the Wellington Boot.

Oggy watched the children dip the blue gloved hands into his home.  He squiggled further down into the manure and waited.  Sure enough, another blue hand groped around. 

“Charge!” he shouted to his fellow worms.

They wiggled and wove through the wet whiffy walls of manure.  

“Eek! I found one,” squealed an excited Brownie.  Her face scrunched as she examined the big, fat worm she had caught.  “I shall call you Bob!”

With a plop, Bob was re-homed in a bright pink butterfly Wellington boot. Bob was not the only worm to be found and re-homed. William, Betty, Jess and little Wiggles found their way into the Wellington boots of different sizes and colours.

Oggy smiled and wiggled his way closer to the top of the horse manure.  It was his turn soon. Another group of chirpy little Brownies came outside into the chilly evening air. Scorpie, their Brownie Leader and some of the mums were helping to fill Wellington boots with horse manure and bulbs for next spring.  Tilly, the smallest Brownie, carefully grabbed a handful of manure to fill her red and blue boot.  Oggy felt his wormy body lift into the air.  

“Oh my! Oh my!” he squealed in delight. He watched as she carefully pulled the soil apart to take a closer look at him.

“Well done Tilly!”said Scorpie.  “What shall we call him?”

Tilly thought for a moment.

“Oggy!” was her confident reply.  

Oggy grinned and did a wormy dance, just for Tilly.  With a bounce he landed in the Wellington boot and set to work weaving holes so that the bulbs could breathe.  He knew what an important job he had ahead of him and was very excited to be a part of the Wellington Boot Club.  It wasn’t often worms had the opportunity to live in a boot and watch their bulbs grow.  There was only one thing Oggy would miss out of this whole adventure – his friends! With a sigh, he continued on his merry way through his new home.  

Suddenly, another plop of manure fell into the shoe and squished down.  A tiny voice called out in the darkness.

“Hellooo!  Anybody home?”

Oggy dashed towards the voice.  Could it be?  Would he be so lucky? Was that the voice of his best friend, Woggy?  With one final shove, he shifted the manure and came face to face with another earthworm.

“Woggy! It is you!” They hugged each other in delight and danced around the daffodil bulbs.  The Wellington Boot Club would be the best thing ever.  After all, what better way to spend the rest of your days than with your best friend living in a pretty red and blue Wellington Boot!


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