Futakuchi Onna: Two-Mouthed Woman

Alex gives us the history of the Futakuchi Onna which I found both fascinating and terrifying!

Part Time Monster


Have you ever wanted to lose a little weight?

There is a saying among travelers that Japan is the best place to diet; everyone loses weight here. I have to disagree. As a foreigner who has lived here for several years, and watched her scale inch up progressively, I can’t help but think that anyone who loses weight in Japan simply doesn’t like the food.

Of course recently, I’ve had to consider a far more sinister reason: they’ve been possessed by an insidious yokai, which targets females with a supernatural disease.

The Futakuchi Onna, or Two-Mouthed Woman, could be the sister of Kuchisake Onna, whom I talked about last month for Monster Monday. Both possess grotesque mouths and are cursed for doing traditionally female-sins. The one huge difference, however, is that while Kuchisake Onna might be out to kill you, Futakuchi Onna is a monster that you yourself can become.

Futakuchi Onna 二口女 YokaiBut what…

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