You’ve waited long enough!

Have you decided where you would like to go?

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Why are we waiting?
It’s time for another time-travelling coach tour!

The last five tours have taken us to:

  1. Stonehenge during its construction: meeting the foreman
  2. 1920’s New Orleans
  3. Macedonia in 338 BC to meet Aristotle and the young Prince Alexander (the Great)
  4. Syracuse in the mid-third century BC to meet Archimedes
  5. Vienna in 1801 to meet Ludwig van Beethoven
  6. First Century AD Britain to visit Queen Boudica on the eve of a great battle

So now the time has come to decide upon our next destination and time slot.

Dear passengers, please make your preferences known in the following poll.

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2 responses to “You’ve waited long enough!

  1. Gosh Mello… For a minute there I was scrambling for an answer to the “ultimate question” … But I see now that it wasn’t quite that important. 😀
    Love Lance’s tours. Hugs all ’round.
    Oh… and I believe that answer was 42. 😉

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