Henry’s Day Out

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Having a dog is like having another child, with benefits! You don’t have to put on an extra ten kilos; in fact you end up losing more weight running after the puppy. He spends less time being potty trained than a baby and can be left alone for a few hours without your parenting skills being frowned upon!

My little Henry was taken out today by a lovely friend who owns a King Charles Cavalier called Marley. He is the most beautiful dog you could ever meet and I was excited for Henry to finally meet him.  Unfortunately, I had to work and missed his day out.  Thanks to my lovely friend, I have a few pics to share of the day.

His first time out at a new park and Henry watches as Marley takes off ahead.  
How he wishes he could catch up and run wild.  

  Back home to Marley’s place for a chat and snack.
 Droopy eyes and his favourite cushion mean one thing…sleepy time!


He had a brilliant day out.  Thank you Marley and T! xxx

3 responses to “Henry’s Day Out

  1. How fantastic! Two beautiful dogs.

    At some point you are going to have to bite the bullet and let him off the lead. He WILL come back to you as he thinks you’re his Mum or his pack leader. Trust me. I’ve been through this many times. It’s always nerve-wracking though.

    If he can run with another dog such as Marley, all you need to do is get Marley to come back to you and Henry will follow.

    Good luck!

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  2. Obviously, do this in the park away from roads. And you need to be patient. 🙂

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