Free book giveaway for Book Tuesday!

To celebrate my Book Tuesday feature of Howard Loring, the intrepid author has kindly donated 11 free pdf copies of his book Tales Of The Elastic Limits!

The first 11 people to email him at the contact details below stand a chance to win a free book.

Here’s a copy of his message…

Well, Eloise De Sousa, I’d like to celebrate your post of my short story (Chapter 11) by giving eleven pdf copies of the book away. First come, first serve; just email me at this address for a file: & I’ll gladly discuss TALES of the ELASTIC LIMIT or the genre in general on your blog if anyone wishes. Thanks

Dont waste time – get your free copy!!

2 responses to “Free book giveaway for Book Tuesday!

  1. 🙂


  2. I have been a friend, and a fan, of Howard Loring for quite some time. Possibly hundreds of years. Who knows? It is difficult to keep track of when and where we have been on our time travels together.

    I encourage any readers of this blog post to email Howard for a copy of Tales of the Elastic Limit. I enjoyed it. For an entertaining sample of time travel with Howard, click here.


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