Just a peek…

I’m furiously editing and primping the paperback copy of A Tale of Knots (snook version available here)and I’m so excited.  Carol-Marie, my illustrator, has decided to add colour into the mix and the pics are looking great!

The feel of the book is going to have a quaint, rustic quality and I hope the story is strong enough to carry this style.  Of course, I’m biased about it as I love the story’s ability to touch on ageless social issues.  Though it’s a children’s story, Hairington represents the various ‘domes’ we call home.  Knotsvillians represent the fundamental beliefs our society suffers from – the assumption that every race/culture/creed knows better than the other.  Instead of accepting the differences of the Hairs and their culture of free living and disorder, the Knotsvillians feel the need to rule the Hairs.  

LeBrush stands for Hope.  The hope that we can thresh through the differences we all hold sacred and respect each other’s choices of lifestyle without persecution.  The perspective might not suit all readers, but hopefully the message comes across. The rights to freedom of choice should be given to everyone.

Now, I wonder if I should show you another sneaky peek at the illustrations?  If you missed my first exclusive, check out this excerpt on A Tale of Knots from my Book Tuesday post. 

If I get enough likes, I shall post a pic or two later today.  

Show me the love people!! 

Okay that does not sound appropriate!  If you would like a sneaky peek, click like!

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