A Little Peek…

Thank you for taking the time to like my post, Just a Peek. As promised I will show you more illustrations from my book, A Tale Of a Knots.

Have you met Babylock?  He is our little hero who bravely goes in search of the one hombre capable of ending the war between the Hairs and the Knots.  With his little curl and sweet innocent eyes, he follows the treacherous path leading to LeBrush. 

Here he is…babylock in the valley of clips
Of course, our story would not be the same without the main character, LeBrush.  His strength, love and compassion are the key elements needed to save the day.  My favourite characteristic of LeBrush is his lovely large moustache that wiggles like a hairy worm, which amuses little Babylock to no end.

Meet LeBrush…
lebrush and babylock looking at villages
Yes I know it’s just the back of him, but boy is he worth seeing. Stay tuned for further updates and I might release another pic before final publication.

Thanks for your support.

8 responses to “A Little Peek…

  1. Oh that looks great!

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  2. Great illustrations!

    And I know a couple of kids who sound like they would like this book!

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  3. Thanks for sending me the book to read, Eloise. I will get around to reading it, I promise. The illustrations look amazing. Such creativity, and so original.

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