Photo Friday

Thanks for the inspiration to do another Photo Friday Neems!  Please click on her name and check out her site.  It brought a smile to my face on a dreary Friday afternoon.

Well here is my contribution for the week.  It’s been a positive week filled with all things puppy!  So, I’m dedicating this Photo Friday to Henry, our little puppy who will be 10 weeks old tomorrow!!

 This is my very first photo of Henry, sent by a fellow Blogger, Lance Greenfield.  He kindly forwarded an email requesting a forever home for Henry.  Who could resist a face like that?
 Our little guy came home two weeks ago and seemed shell-shocked by the cats and children.
   Now the cats find him a bore as he chases them everywhere! The only quiet time is when he’s fast asleep.

 We love our little nipper!

10 responses to “Photo Friday

  1. Silver Threading

    He is gorgeous! Sugar and Spice send kisses! 🐕🐕💗

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  2. He’s very, very cute!

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  3. Oh my goodness, he’s absolutely adorable, Eloise. Who could resist such a cute face like that. I’m so pleased to hear he has settled in.

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