Book Tuesday: A Tale of Knots

Vashti asked me a few weeks ago to post a chapter from my children’s book, A Tale of Knots.

 We had both completed the 777 challenge and shared seven sentences from one of our books.  Check out Vashti’s challenge here.

Anyway, I promised to post a chapter and here is the first one.  

Have you ever had to tell your son/daughter a story as you’ve brushed their hair to distract them from the knots? Well I have!  This story was inspired one miserable morning when my daughter decided she had had enough of me torturing her with a brush and resorted to buckets of tears.  The only way to get through to her was a story…a story of Knots who were villains (or were they?) and Hairs too wild to be tamed.  A story about a hero who didn’t pick sides but stood on what was the right thing to do, no matter what.  

  A Tale of Knots…


Hairington’s Hairs were in a horrendous uproar! It was summer and nothing was being done about the Weaving and Plaiting. Hairs were too busy having fun and no-one was really interested in forming a straight line!

The old grey Hairs in the town curled back and told stories of the past; invasion of the KNITS, fighting the FLEAS and of course, the Battle of Dandruff! The old greys loved scaring the younger Hairs with stories of the Knotsvillians who were a bunch of Weavers that hated the Hairingtons.  

The younger, braver Hairs did not want to listen. What could possibly happen in their little dome? No-one ever threatened them. They were such a happy bunch, waving to each other and settling fights without a curl of fuss.

Unfortunately for those young Hairs, the future was turning as dark as their past. Hairington’s follicles were not looking after their beloved dome. Strands were starting to get messy. A naughty Hair here and a wiggly Hair there did not cause too much of a disturbance in the north of Hairington. But down in the south, where most of the Hairs lay in a mess, things were pretty awful. Little did they know, Knotsvillians were slowly creeping into their southern towns and talking the young Hairs into Knots!

The first sign of trouble came at the Hairington’s Plait of the week. It was a special day and all Hairs had to gather together to make a lovely Plait pattern on the dome. The grey elders straightened their wrinkly bodies as much as they could. Oh no! Younger Hairs were missing. The Plait could not take shape.

With no straight Hairs to help them keep in place, the old greys slowly twirled away from the Plait and stood lost and alone. Panic rose through the dome and the Hairs realised that something was not right. There were strangers amongst them. Tiny clusters of odd Hairs that they did not recognise. These Hairs formed their own tight Knot groups and refused to gather with the others to make the Plait. The Knotsvillians had invaded Hairington!

Alarms filled the air. Shocked Hairs waved to and fro. Most were either too old to fight back or too young to know what to do.  

“Quick! Quick! Run!” screamed some crazy Hairs, wildly waving their follicles.

“Ha!” laughed the wicked Knots, “We’ll have you tied up in no time! Come on Knots…spread out!”

The Knotsvillians took advantage of the Hair’s confusion and sent their knotty little friends further into the dome. No Hair was safe. 

The older Hairs in the East and West of Hairington called a secret meeting by the Cliff of Ears. They had to find an expert to straighten out this mess. They pulled at their long ends, trying to think of a hero to help them. Suddenly, one of the oldest, crinkliest grey Hairs called Ash, remembered a character who had swept through their dome before. His name was LeBrush.  

“I remember a time when our dome was attacked by Dandruff,” mumbled Ash. “We called for some experts to help us. A Ms Shamooi and her friend LeBrush. They washed and brushed the Dandruff right out of the dome! Maybe that’s who we should call?”

All the Hairs at the meeting bristled. Did they want that stranger to help them and tell them what to do? Hairs were a pretty wild bunch. They didn’t really like having someone in charge of them, apart from their Emperor Pigtails. He didn’t really do much and spent his days lying around. The perfect leader for Hairington!

The old greys didn’t get a chance to decide yes or no. The Knotsvillians had arrived at the Cliff of Ears! They broke through their meeting, pulling old greys willy-nilly, leaving survivors damaged ends.  

Ash, the oldest grey Hair, called out to his young grandson. Little Babylock had been hiding behind the wall of the Cliff of Ears. He whispered an urgent message to the young Hair.

“Run Babylock! Run! Find LeBrush. Ask him to help us, before it is too late. The Knotsvillians will not stop until they have tied us all. Hurry, before they catch you too.”  

With a gentle nudge, Ash pushed Babylock on his way. As he closed his tired eyes, he prayed Babylock would find LeBrush in time.

12 responses to “Book Tuesday: A Tale of Knots

  1. Cute, Mello. Did you draw the picture?


  2. Love the humour in this tale. 😀

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  3. Absolutely brilliant story, Eloise. Such imagination. I love the drawing as well. I can see many children (and adults) loving this. It would make such a great cartoon as well.

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  4. Beautiful Eloise!

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  5. Hi Eloise! It’s amazing the things that could inspire the talented. The concept of the book is brilliant and I loved the first chapter! 😀

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