Vagaries of Life

Every moment shared turns up options.  A quick conversation with a stranger may influence opportunities or become the start of a lifetime of friendship.  Kind words sent out into the ether influence decisions on your personality, your aura. Blogging is like that.

I spend most days creating blogs in my head, weaving stories from the dead embers of trampled thoughts and experience.  Books fly in and out of my mind, quoting exotic words that will never colour my conversations, as my skills of communication falter when I’m faced with real life encounters.  Blogging is a safe haven where I hide behind words of steel, fortresses of stances I may or may not make in real life.  Words explode with the colourful past experiences I have lived through and crave to share.

Well, unfortunately those blogs are never posted because my balls of steel drop off at the thought of friends and family reading historical events.  Journalistic experience wants me to share the adventures but fear of repurcussions still my nimble fingers.  Trapped far from view lie stories waiting to see the light.

Now I speak of vagaries of life because each influence has made head spinning detours on my life path.  I never imagined having a following of people reading my blogs, never imagined becoming an author, nor a librarian, or the owner of a dog!  Changes, influences, conversations. Little pushes that turn an idea into reality.  Fluid movements of sadness and loss flowing into pure joy in a matter of months.  Never have I understood less about life but enjoyed it more!

And the changes keep coming.  What are your influences in life? In which direction are you heading at the moment?  Maybe we will have a conversation in the future that will change both our lives.  Who knows!

5 responses to “Vagaries of Life

  1. Great thoughts Mello. With words that hit the mark, You made me want to share. But I’ve promised myself not to blog about work, and it is not a pretty story. So I’ll just thank you for this post and let you know you aren’t alone. Hugs. 😀


  2. Love it. Just posted about influence of people today. And I know how it feels, how it is to have all those stories in your head but then you can’t really write them or post them because it’s not your story…

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