Extract from My Poetry Book

At the edge of our memories and just within sight
Our dreams hover like butterflies on a hazy day
Each step you take to get closer, within reach of the light
These butterflies just dance away.
I watch as each dream flies so slight, playing with the wind and my hair
I see a gun pointed and a shot ring out
Another dream has died in that way.

Push forward you are told and your dreams will come true
Who lied and gave us a false path?
For as you push forward in the future, along tags your past
You will find you’re stuck in the same place.
A stagnant pool that simmers and sighs,
Watching the butterflies dance above it.
You can wait and cry, but it will not change anything.
That is the way life will always stay.

I sit in my play pool, watching the water splash;
The butterflies are still dancing.
But this time I have the gun so hopefully I’ve won
Because I’ve shot three butterflies today!
By the end of the week I will be really weak
But hey, it’s worth the pay
For I will have nothing more to hope for
With all the butterflies gone away.

There goes one dream and yet another, each for every day.
Sigh if you must; it’s a waste of breath really.
They don’t turn around to see you crying.
Smile as each one goes, you never know
They might come back someday.

5 responses to “Extract from My Poetry Book

  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts by Mello-Elo and commented:

    A blast from the past for this Friday. Poetry from My Poetry Book, available from http://lulu.com/spotlight/eloisedesousa


  2. Gave me chills, made me think of my own dreams!

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  3. Beautiful and poignant. Well done, Mello. Great big hug.

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