Monday Coffee

Hi!  *hug*

Come on in.  It’s cold and rainy outside today and the bat cave is so much warmer (okay maybe just drier!).  The kettle is on and your favourite mug is waiting to be filled with your favourite brew.  Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Whilst I fill the mugs, help yourself to some chocolate cake.  It’s triple chocolate! This weekend was another busy one but in a good way. 

  Hiking, picnics and ballet were interspaced with long discussions about a big decision…we are getting a dog!!  It’s a massive decision because our family is already big with four kids and four cats.  Having a dog was a dream but this weekend changed it into a reality.  

Our puppy is a little Sprocker and has chocolate brown velvety fur with beautiful dark eyes and a sweet temperament.  He is still too small to come home with us and the next few weeks will be pure agony but so worth the wait.

The family dynamic will change and the children and the Hubble are on the same page with me for the first time in a while which made the decision so much easier.  Bits and pieces are falling into place and it feels as though it was meant to be.

Do you ever get those moments in life?  A moment where stars align and things fall into place with little to no resistance.  Henry Carlisle was meant to be a part of our family and we can’t wait for him to come home to us. 

 How was your weekend?  

8 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. What a sweet puppy! ❤

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  2. Such wonderful news to hear, Eloise. And how can I not say that he is very, very cute. Don’t tell Toby I said that 🙂

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  3. Cute dog! Our cat returned after going missing for two weeks, my daughter passed her violin exam and our broadband issue was fixed – living the family dream!


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