To The Wind

I love EvanSander’s style of philosophy on life in such a simplistic, true language that always engages me. I had to share a true gem. Hope you enjoy this talented writer as much as I do.

The Better Man Project ™

6fec5848d5df58012ebb7c2ea47108ddThis too shall pass. This time of silence and grinding work. It will run its course if I do it right and will come to an end like everything else. From that, something new will begin. Something fresh will come out of the passing of something old. That’s just the way the world works really.

These are strange times. Times of great learning. Times of experiencing many new things. Times of deep understanding. In fact, the greatest understanding that I have come across in a while was why I was actually so uncomfortable with silence. I was so uncomfortable with quiet because it reminded me of something bad way way back. Until yesterday, I didn’t realize that this was the case. I thought it was just the nature of the silence itself…but what I found was that it was my relationship with silence that was steering the experience.

Take your…

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