Review of Deception

Thank you to Martha Kiernan, an avid supporter of my work, for offering to review Deception.

Deception by Eloise De Sousa is story about a young girl who left home for a foreign land to escape being accused of murder until tragedy strikes when she has to reurn home again. 
Set in the glorious sun of Zimbabwe major towns and landmarks are visited taking the reader back into the seventies and eighties which made me want to revisit the city of Zimbabwe. 
This book although a thriller is an intriguing mix of information of the economic and cultural texture of the times to which many an exiled Zimbabwean could relate to their own situation of life in Zimbabwe.
It is a well structured book in which the characters are subtely introduced from the beginning in the very first chapters. The words in action and the descriptive images of her characters become alive and one finds oneself almost interacting with them with increased enthusiasm and empathy
The author’s unique style of writing the choice and flow of words makes the reading of this book very sustainable and easy to read.
I would wholehearted recommend this book as a very enjoyable reading and one which holds the interest of the reader until the end.

Martha Kiernan

Click on the link below to order your copy and a big thank you for your support. 😊

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