Tune into Radio Element

Recycled Ink!

Primitive man must have invented instruments & means to appease, “unknown” and to mimic Nature’s music, from Thunderstorms, Lightening, Rains and communicating with each other.

“Curiosity” and “Exposure” can leads to many interesting discoveries, and can surpass even geographical limits and break free from shackles of “unknown”.

Gramophone, Ah! it was a blessing in disguise for all music lovers that paved way to tantalizing world of audio, captivating soul of music in its every bit. 1877, Thomas Elva Edison invented a tin foil “phonograph” followed by Alexander Graham Bell’s “gramophone”.

In early 19th Century, this curiosity leads to creating a machine or a device that could record and playback music and sounds. And, since than, we have been witnessing so many astonishing devices, cheaper and accessible than their predecessors.

The packaging & branding of “sound”, practically, came a long way since than.

With the advent of Internet, in 90’s, the…

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