Saturday Night Confessions

Playlist for My Little Bird

Bird FlownToday is the second week anniversary of the flight of my little bird. I am caught in an emotional trap. I am nervous as I set about putting together the playlist for her wake. In my hand I nurse a brandy and coke, my father’s drink. In my head I spin the songs that I will play for my little bird.

My Saturday night confession: I hate crying. I don’t do crying unless someone opens that ridiculous door and allows the little crybaby inside me to escape.  In the deepest, darkest catacombs of my mind there are very few opportunities to escape, but once in a blue moon a little bugger of a crybaby escapes. 

Tonight my mind is on high alert. One of those little crybabies has escaped.  So, to distract the escapee those little people who live in my head have decided to make a playlist.  It isn’t possible to be sad when you’re listening to a good playlist.  I’d like to share the torment with the little people who live inside in your head. 

Who said I wasn’t a caring, sharing, giving person?!

So here goes. Get ready to sing along, and to dance when the moment takes you.

Tonight, I present to you, for your pleasure and mine, my playlist for my mum, my little bird, who escaped her cage and flew away.  She is happy now, I know, but please share my songs and my tears.

  1. Leo Sayer – When I need love
  2. Bread – Make it with you
  3. The Eagles – Take it to the limit
  4. The Platters – Only you
  5. Eva Cassidy – Songbird
  6. Leo Sayer – One man band
  7. Andrew Gold – Never let her slip away
  8. Chicago – You’re the inspiration
  9. Air Supply – Without you
  10. Tina Charles – Dance little lady dance
  11. Bread – Everything I own
  12. Brotherhood of Man – Save your kisses for me
  13. Eagles – Hotel California
  14. Randy van Warmer – Just when I needed you most
  15. Deep Purple – Child in time

I will close this playlist with yet another Deep Purple song, which just seems right for the moment,

Deep Purple – Bird has flown

I could go on adding more superb songs right through the night, but I am going to leave it there for now. What one song would you add to my playlist for my little bird?

15 responses to “Saturday Night Confessions

  1. Adding yet another Deep Purple track seems a bit self-indulgent when you already have two fantastic DP tracks on your playlist, but I cannot resist the urge to add one of my favourite tracks of all time:

    Deep Purple – When a blind man cries

    Listen to the lyrics. They are just wonderful, as is the song. I hope you think it’s a good one for your little bird, Mello.


  2. Well, you need some Beatles. The first thing I thought of is “This Bird Has Flown”, but then I remembered the real title is “Norwegian Wood” and, well, the subject matter is a little off. But then there is “Blackbird” – – It was really written about racism in America and it’s hoped for end (unfortunately we’re still waiting), but the lyrics can be read in other ways too…

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  3. The Chaos Realm

    …okay, maybe a little…cheesy?…but I love this song. “Meadowlark” from the musical Baker’s Wife.

    A few different versions from YouTube:

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  4. Sending you good thoughts, Mello. Hugs.

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  5. Lovely playlist, Eloise. Tina Charles bought back lots of memories for me.

    I’m sure your mum will look down and be dancing to this playlist when it is played at her wake.

    I hope you are doing OK. I know it is tough, but the other side of the mountain you are currently climbing is much kinder. I’m there waiting for you to arrive.


    • Thank you Hugh. I shall look up Tina Charles. It’s just over a week away and I’ve suddenly realised how much has to be done! Dreading it as much as I’m hoping it’s over soon. Hope to join you soon.


  6. I like the song Trent posted – Inyoni Iya Phapha

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