Smokey Piggy Pizza Pie

Homemade With Mess

Sometimes shopping nightmares can be turned around into the best possible discoveries, and this dish was discovered on the back of the strangest barbeque meat purchase possible!

So, picture this…. It’s a lovely sunny day, you have the family round and it’s the perfect occasion for a barbecue. My father-in-law, Paul was very kind to offer to go to the shop and pick up some barbecue bits; I had most things in order but requested some sausages (gotta love a good sausage on the barbie!). Paul returned from the shop with a packet of sliced salami and some vacuum packed, smoked German Sausages (cooked about a year ago). Now, I love the sense of adventure and trying something a little different on the old coals, but smoked sausage and salami??!! Thankfully the shop is 2 minutes away so these were swiftly upgraded for the real meaty banger.

That being said…

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