The Littlest Big Theatre in Town

Kate Shrewsday


Ah, the lights, the smell of the grease paint.

Is there any business quite like show business? Any place quite like the theatre, where we sit in rows in velvet seats to watch fantasy by lantern light, and believe the unbelievable and gasp at the fantastical, just for the space of an hour or two?

Who, indeed, has not felt just a tiny bit deflated when the final curtain drops and we must step outside this gaudy bawdy velvet-swathed casket of dreams, and tread mundane pavements once again?

On the River Thames there are many little villages, picture-perfect millionaire-studded affairs, and the town of Henley is no exception. Prepare to gasp at the wattle and daub cottages, the gorgeous Georgian wisteria-clad residences,  at the the very stagey unreality of a pampered British riverside location.

When everyone has gone home in the evening the town’s streets are eerily quiet, and one…

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7 responses to “The Littlest Big Theatre in Town

  1. The Chaos Realm

    I love live theatre! (Family member is a professional actor, so I practically grew up in the theatre…)

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    • That’s fantastic! There’s nothing better than going to the theatre. 😊


      • The Chaos Realm

        My favourite acting experience was being part of this “guerrilla (activist) theatre” performance titled “Las Madres de Playa de Mayo”. Have you been on stage, yourself? Or worked behind the scenes? (I like that better!).

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      • I’ve danced on stage since I was small and loved the smell of the green room. My son and i now volunteer to chaperone and help behind the scenes when my daughter’s ballet company put on a show. I miss the lights and nerves of stepping on stage though! Yours sounds interesting – what did you do or still do?


  2. The Chaos Realm

    Aww, the green room! *nostalgia* I remember playing in green room and having to be quiet while the play was in performance. Drinking Nehi Grape soda and Yoohoos from the soda machine. Definitely hope you get back to acting soon!
    I’ve built sets, painted them, acted in the Fantasticks (as the mute, since, sadly, I’m not a triple threat), run lights, acted in Brighton Beach Memoirs, acted in a play my mom and her friends wrote for National Women’s History month called Sheros (just found the script while sorting/packing books) abd then, of course, worked with that activist/puppeteer from Argentina (she was a professor at my undergrad college) on that performance piece. My mom’s the real actor in the family, though…100s of local plays.


  3. The Chaos Realm



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