Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Eight

If you’re like me and tend to miss updates on stories, here is a link to the previous chapter of Cecil the Bully – Chapter Seven.

Now, continuing on from poor Thomas shaking and shivering at the thought of Ms Crow’s undivided attention on him…

As she edged past her desk, Ms Crow’s shoulders rose like a raven’s, ready to fly. Her black hair covered most of her face and her dark eyes watched the children squirm. Thomas shivered. He gulped down the huge lump forming in his throat and tried to swipe at the tears swimming in his eyes. He could feel the other children watching him, which made him feel worse. His vision blurred and his sniffing was loud to his ears, blocking out the sound of Ms Crow’s approaching footsteps.


Everyone jumped in their seats. Bertram squealed in a girly voice and blushed. Where did that loud sound come from? The class turned their heads left and right, trying to find the culprit, when the shrill voice of Ms Crow broke through…

“CECIL! What are you doing?”

Cecil’s library book lay on his desk and his podgy hands fiddled with a pencil and paper. Ms crow changed direction and walked towards his desk.


The awful sound of chair legs dragging across the floor made the children groan and Ms Crow turn again. Quick as a flash Cecil shoved the paper and pencil at Thomas.

“Bertha! What is going on? Are you and Cecil trying to disrupt my class?” growled Ms Crow. “Stand up now!”

Both children stood up. Their faces showed no remorse. Their classmates knew that look. It was the same look they gave during a prank. Spotty Sally giggled. She knew that this was the end of Cecil and Bertha’s pranking days. There was no way Ms Crow would let them get away with it. She folded her arms and waited.

“What did you think you were doing banging your book on your desk and dragging your chair?” asked Ms Crow.

Both children stepped away from their desks and started talking at the same time. Cecil blabbed about mistakenly dropping his book whilst Bertha claimed she just wanted to move her chair. No-one seemed to notice tiny Thomas sneak to the front of the class and place his book under the pile on Ms Crow’s desk. No-one noticed him take the marker from the white board and write ‘BUMS FIRST!’ on the teacher’s chair. No. Everyone was so interested in Cecil and Bertha facing justice at last that they did not see the little boy drop pin tacks on the teacher’s chair!

Only Cecil and Bertha noticed their friend and smiled. They grinned and giggled, apologising that they didn’t realise how disruptive they were whilst the raven haired teacher flapped her arms in annoyance and the rest of the class watched in awe of their absolute naughtiness.

“Go straight to Mrs Palmer’s office…RIGHT NOW!” she screamed.

Cecil and Bertha grinned at their classmates as they followed Ms Crow to the headmisstress’s office. Just as they reached her door, it flew open and Mr Barns stepped out. His glasses tipped to the end of his nose and he pushed them up, squinting at the two notorious students.

Mrs Palmer followed him out, surprised to see Ms Crow standing there with two of the naughtiest children in school.

“Oh no!” she muttered under her breath. ” Mr Barns, would you mind going back to your class for a minute whilst I deal with Ms Crow and these two?”

He sighed and nodded his head, drooping his long neck as he made his way back to the dreaded class. He was only there to find out when he could go back to work!

Mrs Palmer invited the three into her office and shut the door. They sat down and Ms Crow began her explanation of why she had sent them to the office.

Suddenly a loud scream echoed through the halls and corridors. The sound of running footsteps and yelping noises had Mrs Palmer running for the door and flinging it open.

“What on ear…?”

There stood Mr Barns, holding his skinny bottom and screaming blue murder. He slowly turned for Mrs Palmer to see why he was causing such a ruckus. Five pretty colourful pin tacks made indents in his brown trousers turning his bottom into a pin cushion.

He caught sight of Cecil’s round face and freckled nose peering round the door.


4 responses to “Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Eight

  1. So glad that Cecil is back, Eloise. I’ve missed him and his friends, but this chapter is just as good as the rest you have written. Keep up the great work on this.

    Poor Mr Barns. Ouch! I feel for him.


    • Lol! Glad you enjoyed it Hugh. I’ve got two more chapters left for Cecil and then it will be the end. I’m quite excited because my illustrator is nearly done with A Tale of Knots and has promised to take a look at Cecil soon. 😀


      • Looking forward to reading them and seeing the illustrations when the book come out. Do you think it will be ready by the end of the year?


      • I do hope so. It all depends on how fast the illustrator works. Poor lady is under pressure as it is! And I still have The Iron Pendulum to smooth out. Eek! How many months left to the end of the year?!


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