Apologies for no blogs on special bloggy days

Sorry folks!  I’ve missed our Monday coffee and I have nothing to add to Book Tuesday.  If you feel up to meeting me at the coffee house and a few of the regulars, please feel free to link it to my Monday coffee so that I know you’re there.  Save me a seat!  And if you have any special stories or posts for Book Tuesday, again link them up and I will look forward to reading them.

Thank you for all the love and support I have received.  A special thanks to everyone who has re-tweeted Good-bye Bird for me and to Ronovan for sending out word to support me.  Thank you to Lance for the special poem for my bird and everyone for their lovely messages and kind words.  I wish I could hug you all…well consider a huge virtual hug coming your way.  

I don’t know when I will be back to my regular schedule, but I shall try to keep visiting you and reblogging those lovely posts you share.

Thank you again for being there. 

Mello xx

9 responses to “Apologies for no blogs on special bloggy days

  1. lol – You do owe me my coffee….WOW


  2. No apologies needed from you! I’m sorry that I missed the news that the bird has flown back home 😦 I knew it was very close. I hope you are holding up OK. I’ll be thinking of you.

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  3. Take your time, Eloise. People on here, and the internet, are not going anywhere. No need to apologise either. We are all thinking about you and are all here for you.

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  4. We all, especially writers, need to be careful about how we prioritize our time. And that includes YOU Mello: a special writer.

    The final flight of your little bird has changed your priorities for a while. Coffee mornings, book Tuesdays, Wensfriedays, Saturday Night Confessions, and us, your blogging friends, must all take lower priority to your family affairs and your LIFE for a while.

    We understand, and our thoughts are with you. You’ll be back!

    Take care.

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  5. Just take good care of you, Mello. Hugs.

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