Flutter Away

A beautiful tribute. Thank you Lance.

Write to Inspire

A tribute to a little bird, who became weaker, and smaller, until eventually, she fluttered away to grace the universe with her beauty.

I found you at the bottom of my garden.
You were very weak.
You tiny little bird.
Did you fall from your nest?

I took you indoors,
And put you in a shoebox.
You would not eat the worms that I caught,
But you took a few drops of milk.

You grew stronger.
Day by day,
You grew stronger.
But your wings were broken.

I hoped that you’d survive,
But I knew that you would die.
Your eyes sparkled at me,
But I knew that you would die.

Your spirit grew stronger,
But your body became weaker.
Even the milk dribbled onto your feathers.
I knew that you would die.

I watched as your spirit rose
From your failing body.
You fluttered away, joyfully free,
Into the…

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