Happy #Wensfriesday

Fallibility brings things into perspective.

 One appreciates the sweetness of apples, the suppleness of youth and the joy of a sunny day, like today.  

My older son kindly offered to make dinner so that I could play with my younger son after work today.  It was a pleasure sitting on his bedroom floor building a town and train tracks whilst singing Paradise City!  Don’t ask me why we were singing that particular song, but my older daughter found it on YouTube and blasted it for us whilst we built our town!


Spaghetti bolognaise with lovely toppings of cheese greeted us downstairs and we sat down as a family to enjoy the meal.  Once done, my Hubble and I went to see the Bird in her bed, silent now and barely with us.  We put on music for her and requested more blankets as her body was freezing cold.  My little Bird is leaving us soon.

We returned home to a happy house and cuddled our little sprogs.  No special Wensfriesday treats tonight.  Our treat is life, family and love.

How was your Wensfriesday?

4 responses to “Happy #Wensfriesday

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Bird. It’s going to be tough, but family and love are always there for us.
    Take care and love to all.

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  2. Silver Threading

    Oh Eloise, I am so sorry to hear about Bird. I feel such a sadness. Bear hugs to you and your lovely family. ❤

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