Happy #Wensfriesday!

The sun is shining, birds are singing and it promises to be a warm, summery day!


But it’s April!!

The chocolate Easter eggs haven’t disappeared from the larder (in my secret stash) and my cherry tree is still naked without a blossom to its name.  Yet our hottest day has already reached 20 degrees Celcius.  It’s beginning to feel like tropical England!  Not that I am complaining; this would be considered as the best Wensfriesday I could ever ask for as I love the hot weather.  Yesterday evening, I smelt the heady scent of the first bbq’s being lit and fellow neighbours taking advantage of the great weather to cook their teas outside.  What a treat!  The Hubble and I spent on crazy summer a few years back pretending we lived in Australia (a dream we have held into for a long time).  Every second night we would have a BBQ outside, taking the kids and the salads out into the warm evening and languishing with the Aussie spirit of freedom and space.  It took us a while to realise we were enjoying the same concept of life right here in our own hot spot.  The following year saw us enjoying the same thing but with less gusto.  It was now a habit, not a treat and it had lost the thrill of pretending to be somewhere we were not.

As a family it taught us a big lesson.  We always crave for something, want something more and when we get reach for the next thing – a bigger car, a bigger house, more gizmos in said house, better clothes, better food, luxury food!  The list is endless.  For us, pretending we had something which might seem relatively small – living the Aussie lifestyle – proved that what we had was already good enough.  We could live the English lifestyle and insert the same gusto and freedom as a life in a warmer country without moving hundreds of miles.  The same applies to our daily life.  We thank God for the little blessings; finding a pound coin just before going out shopping.  Sounds small but that coin makes a helluva difference when you’re trying to get a trolley for your shopping!  Or having extremely good weather when we know the summer might be a complet wash out.  We celebrate this weather now and call it summer.  If the rain comes, we dance in it and watch the plants grow.  If the cold turns, hot chocolates and croissants are on constant supply to overcome the yucky weather.  It’s mind over matter.

No, I’m not trying to say things are always happy and we sing like the Vom Trapp family, skipping through the forests in dresses made from curtains.  I’m just saying that my Wensfriesday is to take a break, be happy with our lot no matter how awful it looks that week and some weeks look pretty shitty, especially the week before payday! So, we take out whatever treats we have, enjoy the last surviving chocolate eggs and savour the fact that we have them.  It’s a happy Wensfriesday!

This is an unusually long post for Wensfriesday and probably comes from the fact that my lovely sprogs had their cousins sleepover and my daughter decided to throw up at three in the morning!  With less than four hour’s sleep, I feel as though today began yesterday!  I’m definitely going to enjoy those chocolate eggs later.  Hope you have a fantastic Wensfriesday and don’t forget to share with me what your great is today.  Will it have a summery flavour to it?  I can’t wait to find out.

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  1. Some deep thoughts… Enjoyed reading this post a lot!

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