Saturday Confessions

My confession.

 I hate diets.  I hate talking about diets.  I hate the way the world surrounds everything based on the perfect body.  Yes it’s not much of a confession, but it drives me mad!  I sympathise with anyone trying to lose weight and fighting the bulge for good health and to feel better about themselves.  Unfortunately I do not sympathise with the self-obsessed nutters that can think of nothing else other than spreading their obsessive nature to make others feel inadequate.

I’ve suffered through my teenage years with low self esteem (didn’t help that I looked like Gollum’s sister with more hair) and as a dancer, thin was never enough.  I went through my late teens and early twenties assuming I was really fat.  Turns out my friends were extremely thin and small!  What are the odds?  Put that together with a mother that constantly compared my weight and size at 15 to hers in her late 20’s and I was hooked on not eating.  I was the cheapest date in town; put a paper bag over my head and I was good to go.  Working helped pay for dieting pills.  Yup, that need to feed my thin-skinny meant I would do anything.  The gym was not working and big guys flexing their pecs at me made me want to throw up my self medication.  After a couple of months, I could hardly go to work without the dizzy spells and constant sickness making me hide under my desk in pain.

Things came to a head when my extra skinny boss called me in to have a “discussion” about my performance.  She could tell that I was going through something and offered some advice.  It went something like this, 

“Get your sh*t together and eat something!  You’re looking awful.”

With great advice like that, how could I go wrong?  I was terrified of her to the point that my nightmares stopped featuring ninja zombies chasing me whilst I ran away in slow motion; instead it had a thin woman with long blonde hair and scary blue eyes staring at me whilst I slept.  (Another confession: I absolutely hate people staring at me whilst I sleep!  Seriously, why? Why watch someone sleep?).  Well my attitude at work changed and I stopped taking seven brown pills at a time.  I could actually focus better taking the prescribed dosage. 

Back to why I hate nutters ranting on about weight loss.  If it’s not affecting your health, your self esteem or some logical reason to diet, stop obsessing and drawing everyone into that horrible world of feeling inadequate.  I have friends that diet sensibly, others that obsess and me who does not give a flying flea anymore.  Have a couple more children, triple your weight and then talk to me about it.  

Confession over.  Your turn.

What drives you mad in this crazy world?  What silly little thing gets under your craw when it shouldn’t?

Before I go, apologies for anyone I have offended.  It’s my personal opinion coming from my own experience of being subjected to those close to me feeding the fat hate when I was younger.  I’m loving my weight now and accept that I will grow rounder as I grow older and that’s okay.  By then, healthy weight will be back in fashion!

This song might offend some too…I guess I’m on a roll tonight!

4 responses to “Saturday Confessions

  1. I am thinking deeply about my response, as there are so many mad things that drive me mad in this crazy world.

    In the meantime, I can tell you that you are wrong in saying “this is not much of a confession. Maybe, at the top level, you are correct. But the personal depths that you hit make it an amazing confession. Very brave of you.

    My opinion is that you are completely wrong about the bag over head date! Who in this whole world could resist that gorgeous smile (as per your profile photo)? I just cannot accept that!

    Finally, here’s back at you with a song. That’s my grandson, Ollie, on the drums.

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  2. OK. My thoughts came together, and I am ready to confess.

    What makes me mad in this crazy world?


    I participate in a lot of sales meetings. I am a techie. These salesmen spout more clichés than you would believe, unless you’ve been in such meetings yourself.

    There are so many of them “thinking outside the box” that the box must be completely empty!

    What does that say to me? Vacuous!

    Worst of all, for me, is when I am walking down the street or sitting in a cafe, over-hearing conversations, and all I hear is, “I was like,” and “He was like,” and “It was like.”

    Like, like, like!

    “Like” is the latest adjective in the English language. It seems to be even more frequently used than “Fookin'”.

    So, my pet hate is over-use of the word “like.”

    Actually, “like” is closely followed in my list of dislikes by the over-use of the word “awesome,” especially in the good ole US of A.

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