A to Z Blogging Challenge – Day 10 : Fantasy Squad – Imps

Melissa Barker-Simpson

IWe’ve hit one of those days again – a mythical creature who isn’t represented in any particular form in media. There’s the obvious reference from Game of Thrones, and a variety of others, but due to the mischievous nature of the imp, this trait is often overused, as is their link to witches and warlocks. In Germanic folklore imps are seen as lesser goblins, and in most cases they are small, unattractive and wild creatures. Some say imps are the offspring of the devil.

Imps are sometimes considered to be fairies, they have also been compared to genies and in some cases can grant wishes. This is represented in The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis Stevenson – a kind of genie in a bottle story. In Jack the Giant Killer (1962), reference is made to the imp in a bottle, though this creature is actually a leprechaun.

imp_by_doppelganger95-d4qn02h Imp by d-oppelganger Manga & Anime…

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