One of my favourite blogs and special docs tells it how it is from a doctor’s perspective.

Behind the White Coat


The photo circulating around the internet, that one of the doctor crouched down outside reportedly weighed down by the grief of losing a patient…

I swear I have seen that photo somewhere before. Years ago. Maybe it is just because I relate. Maybe I saw something like it involving another physician. Dunno.

I am glad that this is out there but to be honest it has bothered me on some level that it took a photo to get people to talk about doctors caring.

Yes, we do feel.

Sure, you don’t see that as a patient. In a crisis you don’t want your doctor breaking down, overcome with emotion. We push it back, bury it. We have to so we can do our job.

Then afterwards, we have guilt. We weren’t good enough. What right do we have to something so selfish as our own grief? That was not our

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