Saturday Night Confessions

Put the lights down low, hear the music flow.  

Let it swing and sway as I make my way.  

You may ask to dance, search for some romance;

I’m not here for that and will refuse you flat.  

Just let me dance, let me show,

Why we need to get to lose control

Flash those lights, shake those hips

No don’t pucker up those lips

All night long, hit those songs

Stay up with me, it ain’t wrong

To just dance!

Hi, welcome to Saturday Night Confessions.  Tonight is my dancing confession.  I’m that weak link that can’t resist any type of music.  From a young age I was a go-go dancer and it hasn’t stopped!  So come on dance with me and let’s rock this Saturday night.  If you have a favourite rock-out kinda song, post it so we can all enjoy it.  Hope you will join along.

Remember, there are no wall flowers in this place, only rockers!  Don’t be silent and shy, let me know your secret music desire. 😉

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10 responses to “Saturday Night Confessions

  1. Do you like Frank Turner? He’s rocks out with good tunes and lyrics. This is a song called “Recovery”:

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  2. Clear the dance floor here I come! Such good music!

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  3. I am a little disappointed with these lyrics. Dance and Romance rhyme naturally with Lance, but it seems that both are off the agenda.

    But I do love to dance. When the music starts, you cannot hold me back.

    For passion, I think it is hard to beat the music and dance of flamenco. Here’s a great example of that.

    But then, if you check out my Goodreads profile, you will see the following video of Dancin’ the Boogie. If ever I need something to put a smile on my face, I just watch this.

    I hope you and your followers will enjoy dancing both Boogie and Flamenco with me until we all drop to the floor.

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