Friday’s Eclipse

It has been another busy week here at Mello’s corner, but I’m not complaining.  There’s a flurry of excitement as we are ending our week with a solar eclipse this morning.  Memos have been sent around with information on how to safely watch the eclipse and teach the children to do the same.

The last eclipse I remember was in early August of 1999 and I was pregnant with my first son.  Of course, I was informed it would be bad luck to look at the eclipse whilst pregnant (old wive’s tale), which my pragmatic and rebellious brain felt was a challenge!  The eclipse was beautiful, though rather overcast – this is not surprising with our lovely British weather.  There is the promise of slightly clearer skies this time around, but no promises as we are still recovering from the cloud of yuck that has blown over from France!  

So whilst we look to the skies to watch this great phenomenon today, I will be thinking of all the amazing things we get to see in our lifetimes.  There are incredible happenings being recorded as we speak and I would strongly urge you to follow the Mars research, or National Geographics for updates.  Our world is changing faster than we realise and the stars we wish upon are suddenly closer and better known than the strangers of the past.

Don’t miss out – the eclipse will be this morning running from about 9.00am to 10.00 depending on which trajectory you are.  For us, the optimum viewing time will be from 9.20 with the full eclipse at around 9.30am.  Do tell me if you get a chance to see it.

6 responses to “Friday’s Eclipse

  1. My girls are really excited. They’re going to be watching from school, which is an added treat! Enjoy the show – now you can look at it šŸ˜‰

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    • It was such a disappointment! Heavy cloud cover made it impossible to see and it just got colder and darker. I tried to make it exciting for the children, pointing out the flowers going to sleep and the birds disappearing into their nests.

      Did you get a better view?

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  2. Fantastic! The recorded clips from BBC are amazing.


  3. Didn’t see any of it, Eloise, due to low cloud. Then the sun came through about an hour later, and where’s the super moon they were promising us this evening? I hope Spring arrives, as promised.

    Oh well, I think we have another ten years to wait until the next partial solar eclipse happens in the UK.

    Amazing footage on the TV. Some people had a great view of the whole experience. How I wish I had been in Wales today.

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