Happy #Wensfriesday!

“Here’s a little song I wrote,
You might wanna sing it note for note,

I have to share something really special with you on this #Wensfriesday morning…I received my first fan letter from a little girl based in the UK. I wrote a personalized book for her and her sister a couple of months ago and she took the time to draw me a picture and write to me. With the letter came a lovely big box of Thornton’s chocolates and a thank you card from her cousins, who also received a special book taking them on an adventure to save Christmas!! I had to mention this because it meant so much to me and I still feel so happy knowing that the children enjoyed their books. I made a special link between the two books so that the cousins passed each other and inadvertently helped each other solve the cases to help Santa save Christmas.

Do you know, it’s not about the chocolate. Yes I know…big surprise coming from a chocoholic! What is really important is the fact that these children took the time to write and send a card and letter to little old me. They have declared that they want to be writers when they grow up too! Scary, influencing children to write more and enjoy literature. Link that to my current job, and soon enough, we will have a large number of children flooding the world with their creations! Well, that’s the dream.

I’ve kept the chocolates for special occasions and today is one of them. It’s #Wensfriesday! So, without further ado, I shall fill my face and happily think up the next crazy, whacky story to entertain the children of this world. Wish me luck!

Happy Wensfriesday everyone!

4 responses to “Happy #Wensfriesday!

  1. Great! May your mailbox always be full of fan mail from children you influence : )

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  2. Thank you Trent! 😊


  3. And fan mail for the up and coming book 🙂

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