Monday Coffee

The hint of spring that beckoned to us last week has slipped away again and travellers run for shelter in the local shopping malls and bus stops.  I fly past with my large pink hat that looks like a cupcake on my head and brace my cold shivering body against the strong wind, determined to reach my destination.  At last, I see the flickering lights and can smell the roasted beans on the crisp, cold air.  The bell tinkles as I enter and a whoosh of heavy baked aromas fill my notrils with delight.  I can hear my tummy rumbling, and as excited as a small girl in a sweetie shop, I skip to the counter to place my order.  A fresh BLT and hot chocolate to burn away the cold.  The place has a relaxed atmosphere and I search for a family face in the crowd.

Over there, on the green sofa, sitting next to Jane is Rob from The V-Pub and I could just hear him talking about receiving a Team Member Award, but he wanted his listeners to visit the lady who nominated him, Anna. I giggled as I heard Jane humming the theme tune to Eye of the Tiger and visions of a car following joggers came to mind!

With a hot chocolate in one hand and a delicious sandwich in the other, I made my way through the crowds to the back, close to the bookshelves piled with novels from all the authors visiting this place.  I could see the green cover of Paul’s book and a blue and white cover of Lance’s book.  There was a rather bright cover that caught my attention and I reached over to take a closer look at the book.  It was by L.K. brass called The Apocalypse Deal and I settled back into my oversized armchair, ready to curl up with the book, my BLT and hot chocolate to wash it all down.

Suddenly a commotion close to the front of the coffee house drew all eyes and ears to its source.  Gene’O came in with about ten cats surrounding him.  They all looked around, sniffing the air with arrogant whiskers twitching. Was this the start or Gene’O’s world domination or was it the letter ‘C’ in the AtoZ Challenge?  Either way, everyone started crooning and making their way to him to cuddle and stroke the cats.  Twitter went wild with pics and hashtags about world domination and optimum performance and the news spread like wildfire.  Gene’O looked very pleased with himself and the bloggers were extremely happy with the traffic coming their way.

I quickly munched my sandwich in case any cats got the idea that the bacon was there for sharing.  Once done I made way way to the crowd and joined in the ruckus.  Who am I to resist cuddly cute furry bodies!

Have an awesome Monday evening everyone and I will see you next week for another coffee date.

7 responses to “Monday Coffee

  1. Interesting that the link behind “Lance’s book” takes me to my review of Dark Matter rather than what I was expecting: a link to Eleven Miles.

    To think that it was YOU who became MY professora de blogging! 🙂


  2. I love this! *continues humming*


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