Coffee or Tea? Come Visit With ME!

Let’s go meet Silver Threading for a catch up cup of coffee or tea. I love her bit strips that bring our little world to life…

Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

Colleen and Eloise at coffee shop 2

My amazing friend Eloise, from Thoughts By Mello-Ello, has invited me to coffee so many times that I had to follow up and invite her, and all the rest of you, to join us in a good old fashioned cup of coffee or tea.  Here are Eloise and I right now, in the photo above, talking and enjoying our coffee.  Come on in!  Eloise is the author of a fabulous book called “Deception.”  Have you read it?

Our coffee shop has the best coffee around and also the best tea.  It is here that I come to enjoy a nice hot cup of P.G. Tips Tea, imported straight from England.  I add a bit of light almond milk and a pinch of Stevia.  Eloise is having a rich, smooth Colombian blend coffee with frothy cream on top.  How do you like your tea or coffee?  Get your…

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