Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Five

If you’re just joining Cecil and the gang, here is the link to Chapter One if you’d like to start from the beginning.


The walk of shame. Head down, feet dragging, bag slooping against droopy shoulders and of course, no friends. Poor Cecil heard the giggles of laughter as he crossed the playground. Whispers followed him under the underpass and the turn. His head was so low he didn’t notice the prickly bush blocking the pathway in front of his house until it was too late.

“OOOWWWW!” Cecil screamed as his arms and legs suffered the brutal attack of holly leaves. Scratching and rubbing, legs bobbing up and down in pain, he looked as though he was dancing. Just then, a group of boys from his class walked by, choosing the opposite side of the road for safety reasons against Cecil and his parents. They watched in awe as Cecil hopped and danced, rubbing and swearing as he tried to untangle himself from the clutches of the prickly bush.

“Hahahaaa! Look at Cecil the Bully!” they shouted from across the street.

“Not so tough now, are ya mate?”

“OOOOooo! Is Holly bush your new girlfriend Cecil? Teeheehee!”

Cecil stopped his crazy dance moves and glared at the boys, his bottom lip wobbling and little eyes squinting to stop the tears from falling. The boys scuttled away laughing. It was awful. He had never felt so angry, hurt and embarrassed as he did right there and then. Tears rolled down his freckled cheeks and he sniffed loudly.

“Stuck in a holly bush Cecil?” said a voice behind him.

He shrieked in a girly voice and jumped. It was Ms Crow. She stood watching him, her bird like head tilted as she noticed the sharp hooks holding his clothes and scratching at his arms and legs.

“Not nice when something hurts you for no reason, is it?” she squawked. Her dark eyes blinked at him when he didn’t answer. His head hung low and his tears fell quietly to the ground.

“Stand still and I shall help you. Here, if I pick away at this branch, maybe you can move your arm away.” She carefully pulled out the hooks and claws of the holly bush and helped Cecil escape its evil clutches. Soon he was free.

“Thank you so much Ms Crow,” sniffled the piggy nosed little boy.

“Someone should cut that bush Cecil. Not nice for people to get caught up in something like that, is it?” she replied.

He nodded. Someone should. He would do it. He would go inside and get the special cutters and wear the safety gloves and work at that horrible bush until it was all gone. He turned to thank Ms Crow but she had disappeared. He looked up the street and down the street. Nothing! He shrugged his shoulders and quickly ran into his house to get started.

4 responses to “Book Tuesday: Cecil the Bully – Chapter Five

  1. And there it is! He got some of his medicine!


  2. Oh my, this has turned into a bit of mystery now. Where the heck did Ms Crow go? Was she really ever there?

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