Have you read Deception?

I am so excited to share today’s news.

My book is featuring on Coffee Time Romance with links to a tweet-to-win contest giving away 10 free copies of my book. Now this is something that every author probably knows about and has done on numerous occasions. For me, it’s a first. The process to upload my book onto CTR (Coffee Time Romance) and the effort made by Veronica Bale and her team to make me feel comfortable has been flawless. Please take the time to visit their site as there are many authors with incredibly good stories just waiting to be read. I’m taking my time going through them too as I have a soft spot for a nicely written romance!

Before I forget, I’m going to ask you to click on a link to see the author feature – no pressure. If you have time to visit it and tweet the link, I’ll greatly appreciate it. If not, thanks for taking the time to read this quick blog update about it.

The link is Deception!

If I had to describe Deception, I would classify it under a romance/suspense genre. The two main characters, Amanda and Alex are thrown together close to the beginning of the book when Amanda’s life is turned upside down by one phone call. Travelling back to the hot, dusty background of the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe (in Africa), temperatures soon rise as they are drawn together.

But…coming back to the place she ran from, Amanda has to face her demons which threaten not only her life but those that she loves. As the story slowly twists and turns, Alex can’t escape from her past and has a few surprises of his own.

IMG_3536.JPGIf you love a story that might have a happy ending, or might not, then this is the story for you!

9 responses to “Have you read Deception?

  1. Have i read Deception? Currently I’m at the 37% mark on my Kindle ; )

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  2. Silver Threading

    I have read Deception and loved it! If you love stories of mystery, suspense and LOVE in foreign lands, you will love this book! ❤

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