Coffee Time!

Rich, smooth Columbian coffee, the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins, the heartwarming murmur of friendly conversation and the smooth melodies accompanied by the strong rhetoric of wordsy poets. Add to that the whoosh and hiss of heated frothed milk and you know where we are – back at our coffee house. Come on, let’s go in.

Look, everyone is happy to see you and call you over for a quick chat. There’s RoseRed. She’s made it and it’s great to see her sitting next to Teagan. Hugh is
chatting away to Suzie and Luccia, Meredith and Trent must be showing them his gorgeous pics from Cape Cod. Let’s take a walk over to Ronovan, Colleen and Hugh. Mark seems to have found them. I wonder if they are discussing this week’s haiku challenge, men in tights (and dresses!) or being mindful.

The sound of a dog barking catches our attention and we turn to see Choppy bounding through the door followed by Sarah. Choppy is wearing a lovely lei – a present from Hawaii. Shall we go and give Choppy a quick cuddle before getting a drink? Okay.

As we move through the scattered chairs in odd shapes and colours and make our way closer to the poets corner, I spot Harry. He has a cheeky smile on his face and is probably telling Rennie a naughty joke or two! There – can you see the free spot close to the book shelves? Shall we perch our posteriors over there? Excellent.

So what do you think of the bloggers you’ve met so far? They are pretty awesome, aren’t they. Okay, your turn. Tell me how your weekend or week was and what you plan for this week. Whilst I sip my strong brew and listen to you, I have a secret smile on my face. You ask me why. Well, it’s because I’m in my happy place right here, spending time with you!

14 responses to “Coffee Time!

  1. It’s great to spend time with you too πŸ™‚ I’m working on the post for you this week, but it’s turning into a busy one, so it’s proving quite a challenge!

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  2. I just love this coffee time. I will have to join you this week. ❀

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  3. Good to have you back in the coffee shop, Eloise. I’ve just started reading the book πŸ™‚

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  5. Eloise, I think that this is a wonderful idea. I was first made aware of this on Colleen’s blog. I plan on doing something similar as well. It’s a great way to meet new bloggers.

    Thanks again!



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