Happy #Wensfriesday!

Smarties are on the menu,
m&M’s taste so good,
Pastries and cheesecake – delicious
Yes you know you should!

What’s the point of #Wensfriesday?
Well it’s the mid-week delight
Who said we can’t have two Friday’s
With weekends to make it just right!

Okay that’s my tired and terrible attempt at a #Wensfriesday poem. If you have something better, post it, link it to me and I shall give you the Wensfriesday shout out.

I’m calling it a night because I have World Book Day tomorrow and since I’m going as Mary Poppins, I have some flying to do.

Now where did I put my carpet bag and umbrella?


5 responses to “Happy #Wensfriesday!

  1. Please can have all the smarties? Love them!!

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  2. Smarties Easter Eggs I have to have every year 🙂

    Happy Wensfriesday, Eloise.

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