Monday/Tuesday Coffee

I usually have time to visit my favourite coffee house and catch up with friends, but unfortunately I have missed my bus into town. I instead, I’m sitting at home today, offering your a coffee or tea or hot chocolate.

As we watch the cats play outside I would tell you that it has been a busy weekend. Family, my mum, the Hubble going on a business trip and a broken car have filled the two days with activities and running around. I would tell you how I nearly made it to the coffee house last night. Unfortunately, I was swept up in reading The Wind in the Willows to my two younger children! I love the adventures with Toad, Ratty, badger and Mole and the fact that this week is World Book Day encouraged me to change the pace of our reading time.

Whilst the clouds gather outside and we silently sigh contentedly that we are warm and dry I would ask you what special things you have prepared for this week? Would you dress up as a book character? I will be dressing up but have not decided what to choose. Mary Poppins or a pirate, Ratty or Peter Pan?

I would tell you how I strained my hand last night and it is really painful to type, but I couldn’t resist catching up with you. The week is flying by and I need to write the next chapter for Cecil and his friends. Things are heating up and it is time to face the scary raven looking woman. Have you got planned posts for this week? Which ones are your favourite?

Bearing in mind this is a short coffee/tea date I would hope to meet up with you back at the coffee house soon. Catch me later for the next episode of Cecil the Bully.


2 responses to “Monday/Tuesday Coffee

  1. Thanks for the hot chocolate, Eloise. I hope the hand gets better soon. I’d hate not being able to type. Just what would I do with my day? 🙂

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